In the early 1990s, while working at a chemical plant, I created a series of spreadsheets to track our calibrations for regulatory compliance etc. Due to the success of that effort, I was hand-picked to run the data collection group in an IT project implementing a multi-module software package on which a company can run its entire organization. At the time, we had just transitioned from paper to 386 computers and dot-matrix printers. We had never heard of SAP R/3 and the term 'network' meant AOL and bulletin boards.

We performed field surveys and collected the data on paper, then entered the information into spreadsheets to be uploaded. We needed to enrich the data and believed a programmatic approach was required to speed up the highly manual process. The IT department was unable to provide resources to help. As engineers, we thought that we were just as able to learn as the IT department, so we bought some books and never looked back.

We wrote validation routines and had perfected the data so well, that hundreds of thousands of records loaded perfectly the first time. Looking back, I now understand why the IT department was so shocked. When you combine real-world process experience, critical thinking and effective code writing, you create momentum of excellence that is very tough to beat. It was our priviledge to be invited to help other plants.

After a few years, we decided to help other companies through consulting. We have written interfaces and websites around the world to support the enrichment and migration of data.

A passion for streamlining processes and building great user interfaces grew out of that work. Our days were spent meeting with clients to gain understanding of what they did and teach them what was practical and possible. Then we would write software to put the most power at the user's fingertips, always to the astonishment of others.

On one project, we were responsible for enriching millions of data-points. We needed a new technique where we could multiply our efforts to a whole new level. We pioneered a process where we wrote code that wrote code. This process is why we believe that we can make a difference in the IT industry. As one company, we have created building blocks where a handful of coders can actually create far more functionality than most publicly traded companies could create with a large team. In fact, due to the seemingly logarithmic increase in coordination, communication, documentation and approvals typical teams require, it is possible to exceed them; while still being audit and SOX compliant.

With a vision for how users can use mobile devices and desktops applications to interact with database systems, a new robust platform was built. We can meet with your company and deploy your software in a couple of days. Most publicly traded software companies need much more time and money.

Our experience allows us to deliver with exceptional results. Our web-platform allows uer enrichment, validation and workflow. Our post-load reconciliation processes are a leap beyond the industry norm.

Our Goals

  • Steering committees - Our experience brings low risk, high value and budget compliance
  • Project Teams - Our experience plus your business process knowledge results in a synergy that wins the first time.
  • User Community - We once turned wrenches and bloodied our knuckles, we get it.
  • Every person and company has a story and it is our sincere priviledge to serve others. Our corporate passion is delivering solutions that please all three stakeholders; the steering committees that engage us, the project teams that feel the weight and responsibility for success and the never forgotten users who daily live with the results.