Key Performance Indicators

Data Migration Services

Businesses spend billions of dollars migrating data between applications. Unfortunately up to 75 percent of projects fail to meet expectations, often because flaws in the migration process result in data that is not adequately validated for the intended task or was transformed incorrectly.

Primary focus is generally invested in process and solution engineering while the data migration is given less attention, leading to large gaps in value that are usually discover too late in the process to be easily overcome.

With an understanding of the hidden challenges, managing the migration strategically significantly reduces risk while ensuring full value of the system.

Evidence of insufficient attention to challenges usually include budget overruns, project delays, training document confusion, scope changes and work-arounds.

In this day and age, it should be normal for businesses to be focusing on what they do, not on how to get all their software technologies to support their business.

Business Consulting

Our experienced engineers can meet with you to strategize on the best action plan to minimize risk, reduce expenditures and solidify project deliverables.