In the early 1990s I was asked to participate in an IT project implementing a multi-module software package on which a company can run its entire organization. We collected data on paper and entered the information into spreadsheets to be uploaded. We needed to enrich the data and the IT department said they did not have resources to help. I thought to myself, "if they can learn how to write code, I can too." I bought a book to see what I could learn. I discovered that I had a gift where I could read through a book and put it to use the next day. I signed up for one of those book clubs where you get 10 books for a dollar. A programmer was born! After a few years, I decided to become a consultant and help other companies. Within a few years I was writing interfaces and websites around the world to support the enrichment and migration of data.

A passion for streamlining processes and building great user interfaces grew out of that work. My days were spent meeting with clients to gain understanding of what they did and teach them what was practical and possible. Then I would write software to put the most power at the user's fingertips.

On one project, I was responsible for enriching millions of data-points. I needed a new technique where I could muliply my efforts to a whole new level. I pionereed a process where I wrote code that wrote code. This process is how I was able to believe that I could actually make a difference in the IT industry. As one programmer, I have created building blocks where one man can actually create far more functionality than most large publicly traded companies could create with a team. In fact, because teams require significant coordination, communication, documentation and approvals it is possible to exceed them.

With a vision for how users can use mobile devices and desktops applications to interact with database systems, a new robust platform was built. We can meet with your company and deploy your software in a couple of days. Most publicly traded software companies need much more time and money.

Our platform allows us to deploy in days when our competition takes months.

Current Software Choices

Most business software is either very complex and expensive or it is "off-the-shelf" in a one-size-fits-all model. Alterations to either are either impossible or very expensive.

Our platform uses a new approach where we can deliver the customization of the large packages at an affordable price.

A user should only be required to be behind the computer for as long as it takes to assimilate and disseminate information.


Recently I was asked what would I do if I won the lottery. My answer was that I would focus on meeting with businesses, deploy software that exceeds their expectations for far less money than the competition. Giving businesses and users what they need at a great price is my calling.

We believe firmly that the best approach is to meet with the users and discover what they need. Every person and company has a story and it is our sincere priviledge to serve others. While profit is required for solvency, our true passion is seeing the smiles on users faces. We call it the "reveal".