We only have one product: ItsJustData

What is ItsJustData?

Through our experiences implementing IT systems, we came to believe there is a better way to design and deliver software solutions. We have created a new platform where we can deploy software in hours to days instead of the industry norm of weeks to months. In order to support clients of different sizes and industries, we utilize wizards, elves and leprechauns to write our code for free. Since each system is built on the same base, we only have one system to support, but each client gets what they want and need. Actually, we don't use elves or leprechauns, just wizards.

In this day and age, it should be normal for businesses to be focusing on what they do. Shirt companies should be focusing on making shirts, landscapers should be focusing on landscaping etc. not on how to get all their software technologies to support their business.