Voxvita has been in the business of migrating data since 1993 and was incorporated in 2007. We have successfully migrated millions or records and thousands of business objects for hundreds of facilities.

While data migration is simple to explain at a high level, there are significant complexities in the process that are easily missed by individuals and companies that primarily focus on the tools and techniques; painfully leaving synergistic opportunities on the table. There are three main ingrediants that are required for a successful project that are not industry standard in our field.

One, you must have real-world business experience, (not just classroom and IT experience) in order to ensure all relavent information is drawn out. It takes experience to ask the right questions to get a deep understanding of what and how the client does business. We have to learn what you do to ensure everything is covered.

We've bloodied knuckles, climbed 250 foot towers and sweated through weeks of 18 hour days in turn-arounds. We KNOW what you do.

Two, it takes high level communication skills to be sufficiently clear and concise so that the business participants can understand and absorb what they need to know for success. You need to understand what we do.

We condense what you need to know to perfect-size workshops. We KNOW how to communicate.

Three, you must have a thorough understanding of the tools and processes in order to anticipate issues and solve them before they occur. You cannot set up a series of silos where each group only knows their part.

Excellent data migration only takes place when the consultants are experts at all touch-points. This is our core compitance, value and key market differenciator!

When you are a multi-decade expert at every link in a chain, getting to the bottom of any issue is fast! We KNOW how to deliver.

Our formula: Critical thinking and engineering skills + multi-language programming / database expertise + fantastic English = SUCCESS!